Sandy beach

English: Pothluney Cove Beach in Summer

Beach in Summer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you remember what it smells like to lye down on a towel on a warm beach on a sunny day? The change in smell from where the sand is wet, to where it’s dry? Well, some of you probably doesn’t live by the sea, and others are so used to heat, that they don’t regard is as a pleasure, like I do.

All those different impressions. Lying on my stomach, letting the sand run through my fingers. Closing my eyes, listening to children playing, someone doing beach volleyball, waves splashing on the shore. The smell of sun tan lotion. Eating sandwiches with sand… They got down too. Smelling the coffee that the grownups were having.

Sometimes I’d get some money to go for ice cream. I’d walk to the kiosk, feeling warm sand, almost too warm, between my toes. The coarse grass almost cut my feet, as it desperately tries to keep all the sand in place. My feet had wet sand all over.  I’d get ice cream for everyone, and run back.

I’d be tired as a dog, coming home again. My hair was smelling of sea water.

The smell of summer. Sand in my ears.