Those Tuesday when you think that Friday is just around the corner

Jardín @ Cawdor Castle

Try to keep this image nearby all week? 🙂 (Photo credit: danidelacuesta)

It goes to show that you are not properly grounded when (if) you say and think that Friday is just around the corner.

I look so much forward to every Friday, and sometimes, Monday just need to finish, and then I see the light… I wish to be present every day, to feel, to enjoy, to experience. To be mindful. I do it too to some extent. But the coming joy of Friday, takes focus away from those very busy days that I don’t like all that much.

It is all about being present, right now. And life is to short to waste those days, waiting for the weekend! 😉

Monday, and I need my brown coffee:)

Though I did have a good night… I have some problems getting the medications right, an when I got up at 6 this morning, I felt a bit groggy… Still do! I take Stillnoct to fall asleep, Clonazepam not to wake up in the middle of the night, and codein/paracetamol for pain after a neck injury I got when cycling into a brick wall last summer. Think the last one is the worst, and will try to drop it… But for today, I hope it will get better soon; I brought my bike to work, and plan on cycle back home, it is 28 kilometres. The wind is quite rough, temperature just below 10 C, and it is probably going to rain. I am so happy P-)

Good to see that someone out there has found my blog. I hope my wish to share my life with someone else doesn’t bore you to death:)

Have a lovely Monday, light brown, like my coffee, which our coffee machine insist on is cappuccino. Never trust a machine:)