Between colours and reflection

20120624-224913.jpg I love this picture, both the colours and the reflection. And the silence. I took this picture in a large city, and there was nobody there, just the reflection. Someone was just here.
As we live on the countryside, and our sound “issues” are listening to the little lamb go from tiny ba ba ba as they call for their mothers, to BAAAH in august, before no one ever hears from them again, I can assure you that sound, is something I think about all the time when I travel.
When was the last time you where somewhere absolutely quiet. NO sound? Thats is a good feeling.
I once had the same feeling, on the ground floor at Les Halles in Paris. Quiet, just me on the escalator going up. For no real reason, I turned my head slightly, and there was a man, 20 centimetres behind me, with his hand halfway down into my bag.
I told him to please leave me alone. And he flew down the escalator in a hurry. S’il vous plait helps in France;) Strange experience.

Still life. And a challenge!

Still Life

Still Life (Photo credit: cliff1066™)

I read a lot. Came over this poem, and think it is cute.
And kind of mindful too! It is about a Still life, an expression that first with the Still life of painting. Those meticulous detailed works including fruit, a jug of wine, a table… and some other details.
This one is in words. Playing with the lovely sounds of my favorite language! There lies the challenge… which Google actually fixes quite good (for once).

Hope you enjoy the three birds, as I do:)

Nature morte

Des coucous l’Angelus funèbre
A fait sursauter, à ténèbre,
Le coucou, pendule du vieux,

Et le chat-huant, sentinelle,
Dans sa carcasse à la chandelle
Qui flamboie à travers ses yeux.

– Ecoute se taire la chouette…
– Un cri de bois : C’est la brouette
De la Mort, le long du chemin …

Et, d’un vol joyeux, la corneille
Fait le tour du toit où l’on veille
Le défunt qui s’en va demain.

Tristan CORBIERE (1845-1875)