Thanks everyone :)

I LIKE you too!
It has really been very interesting to see how this blog developed. It grew fast, and really a bit faster than I ever imagined that it would. The idea was that I was writing for me, for my own therapy, and it worked. I am very happy about that! And I am very happy, that what I have put in here, has been of help for others too.
And I am very very happy that I have gotten to know YOU.
Thank you, every one of you ūüôā

If I just climb up here, I might SEE you all?

If I just climb up here, I might see you all!

Today I got this one in my “Notifications”:

Thank you all! I feel really honored, and it is also a bit scary… The stats for this blog is very impressing, I have a couple more blogs I try to keep alive, but I have never seen numbers like these. Today the blog has been on for one month. People from 30 countries have visited, more than 200 posts has gotten a “like”, thousands have visited. I am amazed. I sometimes hesitate to look at my stats…

This means ¬†I must write about stuff that is important! ¬†I started out with the idea that I did this for me, to recover, to dare to share (my big challenge!) and now I have all of you out there! (A bit scary…)

Thanks for all the things I have learned from you. Thanks for inspiration, comments and likes. Thanks for friendships! Means a lot to me!