Growing up

holding hands and creating a community

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Things you need to make it:

  • Parents (obviously, at least one)
  • Food
  • Clothes and a place to live
  • Challenges and stimuli
  • Trust
  • Love

Easy? And before you are fully aware of the content of this simple list, you might be a parent yourself…

15 things I am truly happy about just now!

English: Sunset on the beach of Penthièvre, Sa...

Sunset on the beach of Penthièvre, Saint-Pierre Quiberon, Morbihan, Brittany, France (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. My loving husband is downstairs making pizza.
2. He put some vital things in perspective for me before the pizza
3. He promised me a glass of wine or two.
4. I know I deserve a glass of wine
5. Tomorrow is FRIDAY
6. My youngest daughter cleaned my messy kitchen for me
7. The sun is shining, and the sunset will be spectacular
8. I prepares a suprise for my youngest daughter today;)
9. I am surrounded by loving caring people
10. I love dandelions and our garden is full of them
11. I didn’t have to wait for a new sim card for my iPad
12. My husband will stay home till Tuesday, after the funeral
13. Tomorrow is a big day at work 🙂
14. I looked at apartments in Bretagne today, seriously!
15. All my three girls have exciting vacation plans!

Another death in the family

She was old, my aunt, she was  94. Born in the last year of WW1. Second oldest of seven, four girls and three boys. Every one of them went away to study, engineering, chemistry, this one, she studied to be a teacher. Later on she got to be a special eds teacher, one of few. She worked at the same school for more than 40 years.

She never married, and she lived in the house next door. She looked after her old parents, they lived there too.

Yesterday she died, she had been in and out since the weekend, and there was no drama.

I am not sure when I saw her last. For the last ten years, she’s been demented, talking about the war… Mixing our names together, and been ill, so many times.

I don’t really feel anything.

Its not like I am suppressing any feelings, and there is no shock. No loss, no sorrow. A bit relieved, she was tired. I remember her talking about dying, I guess tomorrow, when we get together to plan the funeral, we will find that she probably made plans. Twenty years ago…

I don’t look forward to the funeral, the family (again) and all the stuff we have to do. It is me and my brother and sister who has to do it all. We just did this… four years ago. There has been so many deaths in my family, we are used to it. That sounds terrible. I know.