Blue sky :)

The autumn weather is just so beautiful here today. We hardly ever have sunshine, at least that’s how it feels. But today the sky is blue, it is a bit cold, below 10 C, so the colours are sharp and crisp. Some trees have lost their leaves, but many are still green. Not for long now though. I love the colours and the light, but hate the fact that winter is coming. And it will rain and rain and rain… So I’ll enjoy this today, as much as I can! Sometimes BLUE is good;)

Yesterday, I was looking forward to a glass of wine or two. I fell asleep at 10PM, nothing left. Must have been a hard week. Now I am going to do some house stuff, and some outside stuff. Hopefully, I’ll stay awake a bit longer tonight 🙂

Lost weekend

Oars on the Shore

That’s how it feels at least. Today I haven’t done anything. NOTHING! Watched Olympics, read a bit in a book, made a very simple dinner (both of us are trying to loose a bit), and that is it.

My husband went out for a drive, alone, probably bored with me.

I did have more than my hands full both Friday night, and most of yesterday, so maybe I just needed nothing today. Guess it feels like a wasted day. I should have done some house cleaning, washed my clothes (seem to buy new stuff every week to avoid it), I should have done some blog updates, should have prepared some easy food for a busy week, should have gone cycling, or out to sea paddling.

And now I sit here regretting all the things I haven’t done. The next five days are filled up, “important” meetings, appointments, and no time set aside for good things, almost no time.

I don’t like this.