And then…

Friday night. Waiting for a quiet and calm weekend. Feeling tired after a rather tough week at work, with hardly any news about our situation (my job). Next week we are probably going to find out, whether our department are finished or get to stay for some more time. Nobody knows for how long, people say that the market is going to be hard for another year or two. So really no reason to be jumping with joy!

I have a rather good feeling about getting an offer from my previous employer. But I am not at all sure if that is what I am going to do, after the effort I had getting something else and quitting. Took more than ten years! ūüėČ









My head is a mess. Sinuses acting up again, and ugly antibiotics makes me feel like my body is at war too.

But I’ll be ok. Weekend. Relaxing. Dancing.

Have a happy weekend!


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