How social are you?

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I have some friends who are not in social media at all. Sometimes I envy them, but most of the time I am just frustrated that they are so hard to get in touch with. I actually have to call or text them…

Quite strange, that we are so dependent on social media to do so many things, and it has all happened so fast. I remember when a friend of mine got a “beeper” that could show text. And I certainly remember my first mobile phone.

Guess that is where it all started. However, I get the social fatigue.

I just want to switch off. There are so many people, so many channels, so many places you have to participate, that it is too much from time to time.

Somedays, I am not social at all…

3 thoughts on “How social are you?

  1. It’s all about finding the right balance. For instance, I almost never check my Facebook, but I check email several times a day. I just got too fed up with stupid Facebook drama. If people want to reach me, they can just email me.

  2. In managing field technicians, I sometimes give the “glass magnet” speech:
    “Isn’t it interesting that glass can be so magnetic? Blood in the human body has iron in it, and electricity creates an electromagnetic field, so it’s plausible science. Maybe that’s why you guys can’t pull yourselves away from laptops and smartphones during the workday!”

    I like to remind folks that the communication obsession is not modern or new. When I thought about the fact that US mail is delivered once a day, it seemed like 2 or 3 times a day was sufficient for correspondence. Then I learned that in the early 1900’s, mail was delivered as much as SIX TIMES A DAY because there was so much volume of correspondence!

    By evolution and instinct, humans are social animals. The attraction of social networks and any other form of socializing is normal.
    But, just as you wouldn’t spend 24 hours a day dancing at the USO, as weordmyndum says, it’s about a balance.
    Most social events have built-in limits. Temple on the Sabbath, the Firemen’s Dance, Karaoke Night, Girls’ Night Out and Poker Night with the Boys all have specific time frames for you to attend and then LEAVE.

    Take care and keep in touch,


  3. I don’t do social media much, mainly because I prefer one-on-one conversations.
    And also it gets enough for me keeping up with letters, texts, whatsapp, emails.
    so I decided I would not enter the social media platforms at all (except blogging:))

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