Happy :)

smiley face stickers

smiley face stickers (Photo credit: South Carolina’s Northern Kingdom)

And I hope you are too!

Things seem to be going our way, my daughter is improving all the time, and I am pretty sure that the procedure is a success this time. We can’t be sure until after six months, but things are already looking good. I am back to work, a bit confused still, and far too busy. But that is part of everyday life, my everyday life anyway. However, I hope I have my concentration back soon.

This has been a strange time, waiting for so long. We have both just set aside everything else, and now it is a great relief that she is ok. Reality has already hit, she is finished at hospital and the rest of LIFE waits. When you get so deep into one such thing, the rest of the world just disappears. Now it has reappeared, with all the possibilities, choices and perspective. Good, but also a bit overwhelming.


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