I love love love Fridays!


E-mail (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has been such a busy week, once more. Public speaking, travel arrangements, (not to mention hopeless SAP generated travel expense reports, I never get them done!), meetings, e-mails, organising and so on and so on… My unread e-mail count today is 1587. I have actually lost hope, that it will ever be zero, it’s just not possible. But it doesn’t matter! Not now anyway, because it is FRIDAY!

My husbands home, tonight we are going to have a lovely candlelit dinner, some wine. Relax.

My director has asked me to fill inn for her while she goes away for a couple of weeks. I hope nothing requires attention during the weekend, because I need the break, but it might. Fingers crossed.

As acting director, I should make some decisions, right? I’ll try to figure out a new one each day, and text the real director 🙂 Like; Monday should start with a song. Tuesday; everyone has to wear something pink, Wednesday; our department should have designated parking spots in the garage… This can be fun;)

I am sure I’ll have to act on some important stuff too, but whenever there is a challenge, I tend to look for the most creative and out of the box solutions. Have a gorgeous FRIDAY! 🙂

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