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I used to play the flute. Then I advanced to a few different saxophones. I used to sing too, choir practice weekly. I could press play on something beautiful on my cassette deck, long time ago, and read the music score. Now my brain sometimes get entertained by just reading. Follow the complex systems of dots supposed to make a symphonic orchestra sound good. Sometimes I need to check, if I get it right.

I love all music! It makes me feel…

2 thoughts on “Like music

  1. The title caught my eye today ūüėČ

    My Mom taught piano for years and years, myself included. In high school I wanted to branch out but being almost exclusively left-handed, so I thought, I needed something flexible. My music teacher showed me that a trombone’s slide could swing both ways, so to speak. I loved it!!!

    Then I moved on to the tuba, which not only forced my right hand into action, but I had to take my partial denture out in order to get a sound out of the mouth-piece! Again, I loved the tuba. It taught me how to pick the bass line out of any song I hear. (Eventually I sang bass, sight-reading, in a few choirs.)

    My last instrument was the baritone sax – again with the lower register, but now with that vibrating reed making me squeamish. But I enjoyed it, too.

    Now the only instrument I have (and can afford) is a djembe drum from Africa. It sits idle most of the time, however.

    Thanks for awakening some great memories of how I coped with an otherwise sucky high school experience!

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