Lost weekend

Oars on the Shore

That’s how it feels at least. Today I haven’t done anything. NOTHING! Watched Olympics, read a bit in a book, made a very simple dinner (both of us are trying to loose a bit), and that is it.

My husband went out for a drive, alone, probably bored with me.

I did have more than my hands full both Friday night, and most of yesterday, so maybe I just needed nothing today. Guess it feels like a wasted day. I should have done some house cleaning, washed my clothes (seem to buy new stuff every week to avoid it), I should have done some blog updates, should have prepared some easy food for a busy week, should have gone cycling, or out to sea paddling.

And now I sit here regretting all the things I haven’t done. The next five days are filled up, “important” meetings, appointments, and no time set aside for good things, almost no time.

I don’t like this.

4 thoughts on “Lost weekend

  1. This is something that I struggle with a lot, too–wondering where is the value in a day where I haven’t done much, and fretting over what I should have gotten done. I’m trying to recognize the importance of simple activities and of just “being”.

    It sounds like you needed a quiet day, and you gave yourself what you needed. Sending you strength, energy, and relaxation for the busy week ahead.

  2. My grandfather always told me ” Take would have, should have, and could have in one hand and a nickel in the other and see which one will buy you a donut.”
    Another great adage: “Your in-box will never be empty.”
    Took yesterday morning “off” from the mountain of responsibilities facing me, and sat for the first time in almost a year and started a new painting. By afternoon, I felt so good about having done something “for myself”, that I set that aside and got to work on mowing.
    By end-of-day, I had both to feel good about. Sometimes it works that way.
    Getting away, even briefly, for a ride for instance, is sometimes the only way to force our brains to break from the constant hum of responsibilities.

    Take care, and keep in touch.


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