Sunshine Coast

More of this please?? (Photo credit: semuthutan)

Today I have answered e-mails like if I was something extra-terrestrial… Though, I did get to work an hour and a half late.

I can’t seem to get into the habit of getting up at six, like I used to.  However, that means that I am sleeping well!

How long will it take to get into the habit of work again? I read, last year I think, that if you’ve been away for four weeks, it will take just as long (four weeks) to get into the routines again. That’s quite long… But maybe true!

This is my second week back, and I must admit, last week I had so many things to check online before I could get any of my items in my to-do done. I thought like this: If I answer this e-mail, than she will answer me back and maybe have another question for me, so I will have to write yet another e-mail…

Seriously, I really like my job. I just miss 32 degrees, sunshine and lazy days.

Yesterday I saw my therapist again. This time of year is usually very difficult for me, and I am happy she will see me every week for a while, at least. I think things have changed since last year though. But maybe as some things improve, others appear. To sum up, it goes like this:

I sleep better, and haven’t had any flashbacks since I came home.
Although struggling, I have done some workout; the kayak is my best friend for the time being.
I have a feeling of coping, instead of chaos. (Crossing fingers that it lasts).
I managed to talk about my husband yesterday; he’s been acting like he’s having PMS or something lately, a real bitch… and I am not sure what it is, or what to do, so it worries me.
I find it difficult to think “mindful” and meditate, both work and family are a bit overwhelming just now.
I need time for myself. Not sure why that is such a big thing right now, but I really do.
The pain in my neck is really really BAD. I saw my physiotherapist yesterday, it is his fault. He worked at all the muscles in my neck, head and face, which surely has made the back of my head black and blue, my neck feels twice the ordinary size and I have a terrible headache. I hope what he’s at will help, the reason for this is of course my bicycle crash last year.

Today, I am spending some time with the girls, again. Tired.

6 thoughts on “Improving?

  1. Keep plowing along!!! It sounds like you are celebrating the good in your life too and that is awesome! Hoping the rest gets better for you!!!

  2. Hi:

    Just wanted to let you know that you have inspired me. What attracted me to your blog was the title. You use Colour (or Color to us in the U.S.!) as an active verb, an intent. You didn’t choose “The color of the day” or “What color is the day?”. Since finding and following your blog I take the moment most mornings to decide what color I will color my day. Usually it is bright (like sunny yellow) or sometimes mellow (like indigo). Just once I chose a gray day, but that was because the weather was gray and would prevent me from some outdoor activities.
    I have not chosen blue for a day yet. There was a time when there were many blue days for me, and I wish I could say what caused them and what has driven them away. Not sure I will ever know, and though curious, it doesn’t matter. Just a few words to encourage you that your days needn’t be blue, and one day I hope there will be no blue days for you.
    Hoping you can choose to Colour Your Day, and that it will help you to feel better.
    Here’s wishing you a brighter day tomorrow, and the day after, and so on.

    Take care and keep in touch,


    • You are so nice, thank you! I’m not British, but UK-English is my work language, so… keeping it simple for myself! I first started thinking “colours” when my three girls were small, and I raised them alone. So most days seemed quite grey-ish, the idea to was to put content into some of the days that we would remember as good, and give the day some colour. I don’t think we had many blue ones, but we had terribly many busy ones, and so many that just went by. At least I thought so.
      Wishing you many bright and colourful days, thanks for commenting and reading 🙂

  3. “Today I have answered e-mails like if I was something extra-terrestrial.”
    This made me smile!

    “Seriously, I really like my job. I just miss 32 degrees, sunshine and lazy days.”
    Yes. Although I’m not sure what 32 degrees is in Fahrenheit, but I’m guessing it’s a lovely warm temperature…? I miss my vacation too – and the “not having to worry about anything” that goes along with it.

    “I have a feeling of coping, instead of chaos.”
    That’s truly marvelous. I have my fingers crossed for you too.

    “The pain in my neck is really really BAD.”
    I am so sorry to hear this. I’ve struggled with chronic back pain, and I know how awful and debilitating pain can be. I hope your back feels better soon.

    Sending warm thoughts (and 32 degree weather) your way. xx

    • Thanks, I think that I maybe found one or two reasons to go to work last week… Just small ones, not anything like I need the money, or something like that!
      The sun was actually shining outside today, so temperature rised to 18, that means only 14 more degrees to get to my favourite 32, and it is the European celsius degrees.
      Been browsing the web for trips to the sun, knowing that I do not have the time to do it, just dreaming 🙂
      Neck/head is on and off…
      Hope you are OK, thanks for reading and commenting:)

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