One year after

We’ve been stayng for two nights now, in this beautiful French city where I crashed on my bike 21 july last year. Yesterday my husband went with me to where it happened, I just had to go there again. It was ok… But it is crazy that this short upward hill has cost me loads of pain, two months off from work, medical expences and medicines, and quite a good dash of fear…
Somebody would maybe say that the last one is a good thing.
Brought my bike on holiday with the intension to get out every day, it did’t happen until we got here. Now we have been on the road for three weeks, and I have some excuses… We’ve been so far south, with so high temperatures, and crazy traffic, is probably the only valid one.
I have some catching up to do! 🙂


2 thoughts on “One year after

  1. Still waiting for the kid to return to work after he crashed his motorcycle in March. Months in the hospital and physical therapy. Lost his spleen & gall bladder. Just now able to drive his car and get around with a walker. He’s about to turn 24.

    Lucky he’s alive.

    Let’s be careful out there.

    Take care,


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