Dwelling in depression

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I don’t know whom to blame, but there must be someone! Everywhere I turn, somebody is depressed. I talk to the girls, about their friends or acquaintances, they are depressed, their friends, that is. I think I must know at least ten people telling me they take anti-depressives; I imagine I have twice that number of friends who are too ashamed to tell me about anti-depressives.

Depression inflation…

I have all respect in the world for the despair and hopelessness that comes with this illness.

But I have nothing but disrespect for all the GPs who use this as the best excuse ever not to get to the bottom of things. So easy to just hand out a prescription and “see you next month” when someone comes in to complain about lack of sleep, lousy feelings or lack of drive.

Since when are all those feelings not part of life?

Since when, has the cure for all, been a pill?

I know many people have serious depressions, and I don’t mean to offend anyone. I have so much respect for those who fight this disease, and have the courage to seek professional help. It is those who sit at the other side of the table, I am aiming at.

So many people starting on anti-depressives use them for years and years.

So many don’t get ANY other help.

If reading about side effects were obligatory, would so many use these pills?

If your GP told you, that this drug might help, but we won’t really know before at least six months, would you use them?

This creates patients, who stay patients for many more years than necessary. If listened to, if treated with more care and less pills, the situation would be so much different.

I can’t help thinking that depression is a “fashion” thing. And feel so sorry for those who suffer with severe depressions, though more awareness of this illness can help!

I can’t help thinking; nobody has mouse arms anymore. After serious research into neck injuries, it became clear that those large whiplash neck supports worsens the condition, whiplash also went out of fashion. (Though I have it, a real whiplash!)

I hope depression gets out of fashion too. Someone makes loads of money because people are wrongly treated with expensive pills.

Sorry about the rather cross language and strong meanings in this post. I was angry.

There is probably a pill for that too!

11 thoughts on “Dwelling in depression

  1. I agree. It’s really a tragedy that in our society, medicating people becomes the first line of defense against any sort of psychological suffering. It shouldn’t be the first defense, it should be the last. When every other avenue has been exhausted. Nowadays, people with anxiety are automatically prescribed anxiety meds, people who are feeling down and depressed prescribed anti-depressants, people with sleep problems, sleeping pills, and the list goes on and on. Our society has been taught to think that a pill can cure whatever’s ailing them (including physical problems such as obesity) when the underlying causes are being ignored. It’s sad. I’m on anti- depressants, not actually for depression, but to help control my dissociative symptoms. It was a much needed step, as I was barely able to function. But I definitely don’t see it as a long term solution.

    Thank you for posting this. I think it’s an important issue and should be addressed.

  2. That was my mothers defense for not taking what I was dealing with seriously. When I said I was put on anti depressants she said: so is everyone on this earth who are weak enough to take them.
    As self harm seems cool to some misguided people – as does depression. As you say let’s hope this fashion statement dies out.
    B x

  3. I completely agree with you. While I have no doubt that medication is important for some people, I feel that so many – including a lot of those close to me – would do better with therapies that do not involve relying on drugs to numb the pain.

    It’s something that most people seem to be afraid to say, for fear of offending – so thank you for speaking out 🙂

  4. Something I read a while back – the human race as we know it are becoming weaker. Historically we would send out bravest and strongest men out into the wars – leaving the weak behind – to procreate, while the bravest and strongest got maimed and killed. As the decades pass, we rely more and more on technology, automation and pharmaceuticals to get through the day. We no longer ride horses bareback to work, or push large boulders up hills, or use a pen and paper to work out what 19098927+19029839 equals, or match/exceed our physical activity with our food portion sizes, or work naturally through grief. We are becoming a weaker species – which kind of sux. Bring back the caveman lifestyle I say, (but I’ll keep my car thanks!!).

  5. This is why I am working on my masters to be a mental health counselor and not my MD to be a psychiatrist. I agree that sometimes meds are necessary. I have taken them. BUT…I don’t want to be the person who prescribes them. I want to be the person who helps in ways a pill can’t, no matter how long and difficult a process that may be because I believe the true healing begins in the therapy. Although, I know that some people can’t make it through the early stages of therapy without meds if things are especially difficult.

  6. I think that the rise in the use of anti-depressants is, also, caused by changes in society. In the past, people were told to “just get over it” and to “pull themselves up by the bookstraps” when they were depressed. And perhaps, some suffered unnecessarily because of that. It, also, interests me that, in a world that’s trying to become more “sensitive” to feelings and emotions, more and more people are finding their relationships with each other to be shallow. Have we become so busy that we no longer “listen” to each other? I, also, wonder how many people could actually count-on any of the people that they identify as their “FRIENDS” on Facebook….

  7. I know too many people who take anti-depressants when they could or should be doing anything else at all. I’ve also had someone tell me that I need to get on them because I was struggling with my emotions and because they would make me more managable. The very side effects are why I refuse to take them. I have said that if it reaches such a point, I will if it is the only thing that will help or keep me from self-harm but I don’t think it’ll come to that.

  8. I couldn’t agree more, all my friends are “depressed” when all that’s going on is LIFE! Life happens, and it isn’t always beautiful as people expect, so they get “depressed”…
    It is so sad to see what anti-depressents can do to people. There are more side-effects than positive effects in those pills… I don’t think I even want to go down that road of side-effect – and I certainly wouldn’t see the things they do to you on my friends!

    LIFE is beautiful, gross, sad, dark, bright and all the thing you can come up with, but YOU make the decision to be “depressed”… That’s my opinion on this. You can think differently, and be happier! 🙂

    Very open and honest post! We need some of that! Give us more!


  9. It would be somewhat illogical and irresponsible to presume that “most everyone” can be self-cured of depression or anxiety disorders simply by will. Without doubt, there is a wide variety of human brains, conditions and personalities, forged and shaped in inumerable and myriad environments.
    Still, the thought rings true that our present (first-world modern) society has some propensity for seeking quick fixes to alleged “problems” or “conditions” which may have been all but ignored in previous generations.
    Note the marketing of “energy” drinks and boosters to “help you through the day”.
    How could we be tired in this modern society, with regulated work weeks, weekends off, paid vacations and machines doing most of the work for us while we sleep in scientifically designed beds in environmentally-controlled comfort?
    Back in the when, folks shrugged off aches and pains, passing colds and even more serious conditions because they had no choice.
    They couldn’t take a paid day off to ride in air-conditioned comfort to the Doctor that is paid for by insurance or healthcare programs. They couldn’t go up the street and pick up their prescriptions (for a $10US co-pay) at the grocery while buying their steaks and shittakes.
    “Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should.” is what my grandfather would tell me.
    This applies equally to bith sides of this equation.
    Just because we can run to the doctor with any minor ache or grieveance doesn’t mean we should. Buck up a little once in a while. It’s good for the soul (and stamina).
    Conversely, just because we can try to fight mental imbalances ourselves through therapy, meditation, self-guidance and healthy lifestyles doesn’t mean we should face a life of depression or social anxiety (or arthritis or high blood pressure) when a product of our modern medical miracle factory can make your life infinitely less distracted by negatives as you seek your path to enlightenment.

    Be at peace,


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