Weekends spoil my sleep!

It can be quite fu**ed up during the week too, but every weekend… I can’t get to bed in reasonable time, and spend hours in bed getting to sleep, just to wake up at six.
So I probably have to get some sleep during the day, and will be hopelessly confused, when Sunday evening appears, and Monday morning is lacking at least six hours.
Hate it!


12 thoughts on “Weekends spoil my sleep!

  1. Every change in daily rhythm is a threat to our sleeping patterns. Rather irritating sometimes, but still a fact. I will not be the one urging you not to change patterns in the weekends, but I would like to remind you of the words of Marsha Lineham: pain plus resistance makes suffering, while pain plus acceptance leaves only the pain. You are tired, so let it be.

    • I know all that… But having had quite a week, both at work and on the family side, I have just been sooo tired, and fell for the temptation to sleep to much, after staying up three hours after my usual bedtime Friday… So now I will probably be messed up until Wednesday… Stupid! Well… Hope upcoming vacation takes care of this… 🙂 Thanks for commenting

  2. Hi there. I hope you will sleep better tonight. I want to thank you for the beautiful blogger award. That was so very nice of you I truly appreciate the fact that you think enough of me to give me that nomination.

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