Sudden drop in visits – did I get that boring?

Can’t help thinking there are something wrong somewhere, and I see others have reported it in the support forum. I read a lot of my followers blogs too, and like, and when I go back in there, the “like” is gone?

Anyone else with these problems? And solutions?

I guess they will fix it…


16 thoughts on “Sudden drop in visits – did I get that boring?

  1. I don’t know if this ‘like’ just got through, but yes, I have noticed the same thing.
    The Reader doesn’t seem to be updating.
    But we’re still reading, and still ‘liking’! ✔✔✔

    • It’s not that important, we are still here blogging, all of us:)
      But some of these last days, I have had less visit than people pressing “like”, and thats a bit weird!
      Thanks for not thinking I am boring 😉

  2. I’ve had trouble with the “reader” feature for 3 or 4 days. I can’t see my favorite blogs so I don’t know what’s going on with everyone. I suspect WordPress did an update and screwed up a lot of accounts. Don’t take it personally. Your blog is as colourful as ever!

  3. Got the same thing going on here. I also do not always click ‘like’, even though I like something, just because I forget it. You’ve got a beautiful blog, that’s not boring at all 🙂

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