I am going on a summer holiday, doing things :)


colour (Photo credit: Linda Cronin)

I love walking barefoot on the beach, close to the waves, maybe feel the water between my toes. I’d hold my sandals in one hand, while the other holds the warm hand of my husband. We walk and talk. About beauty, mostly. I think about how lucky I am, I can feel my eyes smiling. Breathing in the fresh sea air, gazing over the vast ocean. Having the horizon as the only border I see.

I count days now, six left. On Thursday we are off, and I hope that summer feeling will erase this weeks trouble. Planning funerals are not what I like to do most! So I look forward to four weeks of adventure and peace. Speaking Italian and French again:)
This probably mean a little less effort put in on the blog, but I promise you to let some colour get through to your day from time to time, and some thoughts.

Coloured Toys

When I bring to you coloured toys, my child,
I understand why there is such a play of colours on clouds, on water,
and why flowers are painted in tints
-when I give coloured toys to you, my child.

When I sing to make you dance
I truly now why there is music in leaves,
and why waves send their chorus of voices to the heart of the listening earth
-when I sing to make you dance.

When I bring sweet things to your greedy hands
I know why there is honey in the cup of the flowers
and why fruits are secretly filled with sweet juice
-when I bring sweet things to your greedy hands.

When I kiss your face to make you smile, my darling,
I surely understand what pleasure streams from the sky in morning light,
and what delight that is that is which the summer breeze brings to my body
-when I kiss you to make you smile.


6 thoughts on “I am going on a summer holiday, doing things :)

  1. I love the poem! And congratulations on your holiday. Planning a funeral is never something we want to do. I’m sorry. But I do hope that you get the chance to enjoy your holiday! It sounds wonderful. Makes me want to travel desperately!

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