A bit surprised

Discovered that some 40 sleeping pills are missing after yesterdays party. They were in my bedroom, on the second floor, where only a few people went…
Obviously, I should have locked them in somewhere, but I am not used to not trusting people… Someone else has problems sleeping! I wonder who?
Maybe I should post it on the invite on facebook… Could the person who stole my most needed sleeping pills please return them to me?


8 thoughts on “A bit surprised

  1. That really sucks, I am sorry. My guess is that the person who stole them would most likely not come forward when asked, but it’s probably worth a shot. If nothing else it’ll help get you support from others, and also be a heads-up to whoever stole them that you know that they’ve been stolen, and perhaps by hearing how hard it made things for you, maybe will prevent them from doing something like that in the future? Is there anyone who you weren’t friends with (who came with a friend perhaps?) who may have been in there? Anytime your space/personal things are violated is very unsettling, and especially when something of yours is taken that you really need. I’m sorry this happened.

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