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If we practice mindfulness, we get in touch with the refreshing and joyful aspects of life in us and around us, the things we are not able to touch when we live in forgetfulness.  Mindfulness makes things like our eyes, our heart, our non-toothache, the beautiful moon and the trees deeper and more beautiful.  If we touch these wonderful things with mindfulness, they will reveal their full splendor. 

[But also]..when we touch our pain with mindfulness, we will begin to transform it.  When a baby is crying in the living room, his mother goes in right away to hold him tenderly in her arms. Because mother is made of love and tenderness, when she does that, love and tenderness penetrate the baby and, in only a few minutes, the baby will probably stop crying.  Mindfulness is the mother who cares for your pain every time it begins to cry.

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