It goes in the family…

Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared. Buddha

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Burnt emotions? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today is a bit difficult for me. I have invited the whole family on a summer party. My oldest girl is 25, her oldest son is four. My family, that’s my brother and his family, my sister couldn’t make it, but her family is coming, one old aunt, and my girls and their boyfriends and families. All in all, about 20…

We are having a barbeque, I think. Maybe the weather will be good too? I will probably have some wine. My brother will definitely get drunk, and so will many of the others too.

Don’t have a problem with that.

My brother and sister had a hard time growing up too. And we never talk about it. At some very late night parties, my brother has asked me stuff, but we don’t talk. I told my sister what had happened, or, I indicated that my childhood was not just cuddly bears and cute pink things. That was last October, on a trip to New York. Of course I had had a glass too much to drink, so had she. Since then, we have not talked. I met her at Christmas, we live in the same town.

Thinking all these hard feelings we have had, has been passed on to the next generation. Eight now grown up kids, some carrying loads of luggage, three small children in the generation after that. None of us ever learned to be parents. We all have scars.

And the old aunt, soon to be 90. She must know, or remember. Or maybe have her own story.

It’s a good thing we are used to keep our feelings to ourselves. Imaging stirring in this?

I think my motto for the day is to share my good things and happiness (I’ll try) and leave all the other items.

Maybe I am a coward. But I can’t deal with everybody else’s trouble as well as my own. I love them all though!


7 thoughts on “It goes in the family…

    • Thanks… Yes, enjoyed it, had so many good laughs with daughters and my niece , we got the same sick humor… and a wonderful french/morrocan/norwegian new boyfriend entered the family:) Good fun, and a chance to speak French again.
      But beyond that, there is sorrow. Not today, but lingering in the background.
      Wine was good too, been on my feet for ten hours, making it all happen. Husband with back ache… Didn’t do a thing!
      now; wine. relax, breathe, sleep.

      • So sorry that the cloud of sorrow follows you! I pray for the day when it is lifted for you!! Mmmm….wine! I sure could use a glass now but I can’t because I am on ambulance duty! 😦

  1. Hope that the day went well. It’s hard to live in relationships where you can only share the “good” – and have to walk around the “bad” like you’re in a mine field. I suspect that many people who have been hurt have learned to withdraw behind walls and fences, so that other people don’t feel “uncomfortable” in their presence. Wishing you well.

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