Mindful mid-week?

Resolution - better time management

Resolution – better time management (Photo credit: vpickering)

In between some 1400 unread e-mails, people insisting on chatting for contact, and the occasional phone call, I have been able to put in five minutes every hour to look away. I hate those chat windows popping up all the time! Takes away any little bit of concentration I have… so I have a feeling I can only do stuff that is urgent and doesn’t take much time. Because those five chat windows are going to go BIIP again. Vacation coming up, and pressure regarding finishing stuff as well.

A bit strange, how hard it is to take breaks. Others go outside to smoke, or get coffee. I can sit at my computer for three hours, without thinking about it. Well, when the movement-sensitive light turns OFF, I get a reminder… but I still don’t think I am good at concentrating.

So; five minutes, breathing, with the timer on. I finish it off with a good stretch of the neck and head muscles, my awesome-looking physiotherapist would be happy.

Hopefully, this will help me shrink my ToDo-list!


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