Still life. And a challenge!

Still Life

Still Life (Photo credit: cliff1066™)

I read a lot. Came over this poem, and think it is cute.
And kind of mindful too! It is about a Still life, an expression that first with the Still life of painting. Those meticulous detailed works including fruit, a jug of wine, a table… and some other details.
This one is in words. Playing with the lovely sounds of my favorite language! There lies the challenge… which Google actually fixes quite good (for once).

Hope you enjoy the three birds, as I do:)

Nature morte

Des coucous l’Angelus funèbre
A fait sursauter, à ténèbre,
Le coucou, pendule du vieux,

Et le chat-huant, sentinelle,
Dans sa carcasse à la chandelle
Qui flamboie à travers ses yeux.

– Ecoute se taire la chouette…
– Un cri de bois : C’est la brouette
De la Mort, le long du chemin …

Et, d’un vol joyeux, la corneille
Fait le tour du toit où l’on veille
Le défunt qui s’en va demain.

Tristan CORBIERE (1845-1875)


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