Lovely day:)

Bicycle race scene. A peloton of six cyclists ...

Bicycle race scene.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Been out all day, pick up my daughter at 8AM and took her to the starting point, and saw the bicycle race several places on the way. My lovely daughter did GREAT! I am so proud:) And she presented a very strong time to beat next year. I will have to work hard to beat her! We stayed out for ten hours, my husband is exhausted with all this fresh air… I am just happy! More than 12000 cyclists started, great to see so many who has worked so hard for this goal, reaching it! Knowing you can do 100 km on your bike is a lovely feeling! Next year! 🙂

My head/neck has been better these last two days, so I hope… Maybe start training next week again!

I think I will have a glass of wine tonight!

Hope your day was good too!



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