Headache (EP)

Headache (EP) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I need to find my patience somewhere, urgently! This is the third day in two weeks I have been home from work because of the head/neck-thing… We have a new colleague in our department, and I haven’t had time to look after her, so my conscience is bothering me too. I am sure she’ll do fine, but wish I could have been there and got to know her better! Well, there will be another chance next week (she told herself, supportingly…).

The head was terrible this morning, better now… I hope that is a good sign. Tomorrow I’ll be watching the bike race I wanted so much to be in… It’s a yearly thing, and I have been looking forward to it since I passed the finish line last year. I even bought a new bike some time back and it is the most sexy bike I have ever had! We’ve had some good times before I got that ill though. This year I’ll watch my oldest daughter doing it, with 15000 others starting, hope we can spot her!

Next year! I’ll be there, fit as the elite, eager and happy… 🙂

Upside: Since I am feeling a bit low, my husband is being me a new macbook air today. I love him:)

2 thoughts on “Ouuch…

    • Yes, I know, I will be there! But it’s like waiting for christmas, only to find it won’t happen… Tomorrow I’ll find that here-and now-feeling, and have a good time. And it’s raining. Lots! Haha:)

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