My granddad collected stamps

English: Statue representing the God Shiva - M...

English: Statue representing the God Shiva – Mauritius Island (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After the war, when the missionary family came home from Africa, they stayed just for a few years. My mother and her sister went to school in my hometown, and soon my grandparents went abroad again, this time to a church in Swansea, Wales.

I don’t think he ever really recovered from Africa. They were away for so many years because of the war, and he was seriously ill for a long time. They never had a “normal” family life, I believe they must have wanted that, raising two lovely girls, doing gods work (or whatever). They would have wanted to be with family and friends, who I know nothing about.

After returning home once more, he was released from all his clerical duties. He started a very successful stamp collecting business, on behalf of the church. They collected stamps and somebody sold them.

My beautiful frail grandmother had very long grey hair. Very long! She would make her hair into very long braids, which she rolled around her head in circles. I remember touching it, felt magic.

My grandfather used to iron his banknotes. Sometimes I would get one. It felt brand new.

I bought ice cream and got coins back.


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