My bicycle and I

Pictograms of Olympic sports - Cycling (mounta...

Pictograms of Olympic sports – Cycling (mountain bike) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He bought me a bike for my tenth birthday. I felt proud. both my brother and sister had to wait until they were 12.

Ever since the summer, I had been borrowing my sisters old fashioned ladies bike, and learned to ride it. We had a large parking lot not far from our house, it belonged to the church and was almost always empty. Great place to learn to ride a bike.

I was too short, I couldn’t use the seat. I fell over, into some pine bushes, many times. I hurt my knees, I remember scratching  as it started to itch. But I made it. Around the parking lot, hardly reaching up to the handles, and the circle of the pedals was so wide, it was a real challenge!

I got a bike. My friends had red ones with small wheels, mine was blue, with big ones. I loved it. My new best friend. When spring came again, I went for long rides. I wouldn’t tell, because somebody would say it I wasn’t allowed.

Our housekeeper had relatives, living 40 kilometers away from us. I became friends with their children, and I went to visit. Usually I would stay over. I loved going for long rides alone too. During the summer, I could go away for the whole day. But never liked to come home.

I had it for ten years, it had many moments of loving care and fun. Regret selling it.


One thought on “My bicycle and I

  1. I used to go for walks, bkie ride to “hide”. I even had a special place at the side of our house, set up with rocks to sit on, covered by trees & bushes that nobody knew about. It was peaceful outside, when it wasn’t inside. I could stay there all day.

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