I’d like for nice things to happen

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English: road bicycle racing  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Like feeling the green grass under my feet. The wind in my hair while going downhill fast. Have some time on the beach. Instead., these last few days have been spent mostly in bed. Woke up on Friday feeling really dizzy, went cycling for work, and back, and the world was spinning… Every time I get to bed, it gets very bad, my head won’t stop, and it actually takes up to two minutes for my eyes being able to focus again. Getting up, it’s the same thing, if I manage to hold on to something, I might get up. If not, I’ll get up to a sitting position in the bed, just to fall over to the other side or backwards. I had the same vertigo thing after my neck injury last year. Didn’t need a replay!

The weather is gorgeous, and during the weekend my plan was to go cycling. Do fun stuff with my husband, who was home for the weekend. See the boys, (I did and had to go straight to bed afterwards). So nothing turned out how I planned. Only reason I am a bit upset about it, is the cycling race in less than two weeks. I want so much to do it. It doesn’t look as it is going to happen…

Last ight have been awful too, waking up with terrible nightmares not being able to breath. Just have to get up. Fast. Having done too much sleep is not good. It never helps. I need the same hours sleep every night, same routines… and at weekends it’s always get a bit out of routines. And being ill hasn’t helped.

This didn’t turn out very good. It was supposed to be about nice things. Sorry!

13 thoughts on “I’d like for nice things to happen

  1. Nights can be horrible for me too. I sleep a lot during the day & stay up & watch TV at night to avoid the nightmares.

  2. If you would ever like any suggestions I can certainly offer them. Remember that when we are in the realm of sleep all the hurt and pain we try to keep out of our waking world is stored there so do acknowledge the dreams and accept what they are telling you. Difficult yes, incredibly so but very powerful and they will help guide you back to a good place.

    • The biggest thinng for me is the fear. I’m afraid to go to sleep, I’m afraid to leave the house….I am looking to get to that good place.

  3. Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂 There is definitely a good place for us all! I don’t think it’s that far away either;) Don’t give up! Keep looking!

    • Thanks for commenting:) Dizziness is because of a crash when cycling last summer, my head went first into a wall and I got an old fashioned whiplash… Now I try to train for a bicycle race in ten days, (100 km… light terrain) and the dizziness has reappeared. Probably done too much panic training, and gotten a bit stiff 🙂 Went to both acupuncture and chiropractor yesterday, so no as dizzy today, but a bit headache.. It will pass:) I’ll look into the breathworks-link! 🙂

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