Overdid it?

English: Glen Campbell flies around a corner o...

English: Glen Campbell flies around a corner on the sport 30 kilometer course during the 2009 Xtreme Mountain Bike Race II Saturday, Oct. 2. Campbell finished in third place. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Been cycling very much this week… There is this competition that I like to join in two weeks. Almost 100 km terrain, and much fun! I’m not here to win anything at all, just to finish…

And usually I would have gone to the gym three-five times a week, besides quite a lot of cycling, throught the whole year… Now I have not worked out properly since October. Started the week before this, and must have put in about 350 km on the bike.

Yesterday I woke up, feeling really dizzy, after cycling home I had to lye down for a bit. Slept all night and most of the day, and still no change… I had a fall last year, resulting in a neck injury and a onesided headache that’s off and on. So that’s the reason for not keeping up with the same training as last year… Guess my body isn’t playing along with me on this one…

Hope to be better soon!

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