Grey, sort of

Cool grey

Cool grey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Managed to set up this blog on its own… Anonymity is very important for what I am going to publish here, so I didn’t want to use the same author as elsewhere on WP, or have anything in here that can identify me. I blog a lot, have a very visible social media profile. My occupation demands me to not use those channels with full name to be too personal. So this can be my free space:)

A bit paranoid perhaps. But check “about” if you wonder why. Or continue reading!

A bit of background; I am suffering from complex PTSD, and have done so for what must be about 25 years. 25 years… that is kind of scaring. It is almost all my adult life. I do not have flashbacks every day, and I can have long periods of time without or with just few symptoms.

The reason for my PTSD is childhood abuse. I suffered a lot. And I managed to make my life quite complicated not getting help, not getting the right help, doing drugs for long periods of time, and really messing things up. I am still a bit messed up, but think that my life has never been as promising as it is now. So maybe that’s the reason for this blog, finally I can begin to recover, and as I do so, writing is going to help me.

This is not going to be a story of complaining. I already did that story, in a blog only visible for me, a diary with all possible garbage from my twisted thoughts. There is no value in that, and it really doesn’t help either, to try to describe all those bad dark feelings.

This is going to be the story of my attempt to get things on track. I finally have a platform in my life that can make me get on. Something solid. A better place to start. And I am not religious or anything:)

Follow me if you want to know more!

This Sunday is rain and wind. Sort of grey. I love the wind in my hair!

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