Italiano: Fuochi d'artificio a Vinci, FI, Ital...

Italiano: Fuochi d’artificio a Vinci, FI, Italia. English: Fireworks in Vinci, FI, Italy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The first day… Just trying it out really:)

Wishing to be totally anonymous, and tell my story. This is not going to be a sad story. I hope it will be an honest story, honest to myself and my own feelings, my set backs and leaps forward. I know it is a hard story to tell. I know it is a strong story to read. I hope I will feel better telling about it, and I hope someone will feel better reading it.

I can’t know if that is true.

I can’t know if I am going to make this happen. Deep down I wish for the ability to tell my story. I have tried before. Failing is never easy, but maybe something is different this time? I think it is.

Today, it is Friday, the best day of the week. I go for green.

Back soon:)


2 thoughts on “Green

  1. You and I probably could share some funny times over stories of hard times. It makes getting past the ‘past’ easier. There’s no point in holding onto it so the sooner we can let it go the better. Remember our bodies are constantly changing and letting go of old, just like trees and flowers….there must be meaning there.

    • Dear Jackie, thanks for commenting:)
      I think it would take at least one bottle of very good wine to share the hard stories, but there are things that should be let go. And there are things that should be forgotten.
      I could never have said that a year ago, because than the pain was so hard, and sometimes it is now as well. But I think I have changed, or hope so at least, in a manner that enables me to share, and to have breaks from all the stuff that was so dangerous. And is so dangerous, when re-lived.

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